Franz Weninger-Fehérburgundi

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Sopron, Hungary

Mainly Pinot Blanc with some Pinot Gris



Biodynamic, Vegan, Low-Suplur, Unfiltered

Freshness in a glass.

A blend of two sites, the wine holds the characteristics of both and doesn’t just transmit “a” sense of place, but of “places” rather. Frettner, making for the major part of the blend, is on a North-West facing slope, with the Kohlenberger forest in the back. The shadow comes over the vineyard early in the late afternoon, the nights are cooler, and the fresh breeze !om the Lake keeps the vineyard constantly aired. The chalky soils always made for the best terroirs to plant Pinot, Frettner is no exception. The remaining part of the blend comes !om Steiner. Just a few kilometres south-east, but with no forest to balance the local micro-climate, you’re in for a much hotter time, easily reaching over 40 degrees in the peak of the summer. The grapes come out golden, richer and broader in their aromatic. That’s probably what you first feel, as you try the wine and get pleased by the bright, ripe citrusy notes, leaning more towards grapefruit rather than lemon. Steiner ain’t far. Then, as the juice lingers on your tongue minutes after your first sip, the chalky minerality echoing with this unmistakable freshness, you’ll know Frettner’s the one running the show." (Edouard Thorens)