Northumberland Honey Co. Wildflower Honey Comb

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Wildflower Comb Honey is produced by Northumberland Honey Company and is cut direct from the bees. The most natural and raw way to eat honey.

Now in a larger format, with tamper proof secure packaging, perfect for sending via the postal system.

Straight out of the hive this is honey in the purest most raw state, retaining all the raw natural benefits of honey and beeswax. A lovely light and floral flavoured honey, gathered by the bees in spring and summer from the hedgerows, fields and trees of Northumberland, specifically the Tyne Valley ranging from Hexham through to Haltwhistle.Enjoy on it's own, with cheeses, on toast, or as you would any honey, but with the benefits of the honey being left just as the bees intended.

The natural beeswax made by the bees is also edible, and has a range of health benefits. Comb honey will also contain pollen, and propolis again with a range of health benefits. Taken often for hayfever and allergies.

We are often asked if you eat the beeswax in the comb honey too, the answer is absolutely!

Over time natural honey will often granulate and set, this does not affect taste and is often preferred.

Spread onto warm toast, the wax and honey melts together which is full of perfect goodness to start to the day.

Approximate weight 300g approximately one quarter the size of a full frame.