Northumberland Honey Co. Wildflower Cumbrian Honey 340g

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The Cumbrian Wildflower Honey is a new variety we have released. As many will know we raise all our queens and bees in Cumbria in the isolated Irthing Valley in the heart of Hadrians Wall country and as a result of keeping bees there, we produce a surplus of honey from these colonies.

The colonies are located very close to the historic Hadrians Wall, heart of Roman Wall Country, with well established trees, grassland and moorland that the bees forage on, ranging from dandelions in the spring, to lime trees in summer, hawthorn hedges and clover pasture in summer. This is a truely polyfloral honey produced in the heart of Roman Wall Country.

All our honey is 100% natural, pure, coarsely filtered to retain the natural pollen, and not heat treated. Bees are managed sustainably and with the overall purpose of increasing their number, and ensuring we only ever take the surplus honey and leave plenty for the bees to feed on over the winter months.